Why I started another Singe-Page-Application Framework

Today I decided to start a new open source project providing a singe-page-application (SPA) framework. This sounds crazy, because we live in a time in which so many different spa frameworks are developed.

The reason why I am interested in singe-page-application frameworks is that I have an existing complex JEE Application build on JSF 2.0 and I am looking for a way to reduce the evolved complexity of my web front-end. I don’t think that JSF can compete with SPA in modern web applications. On the other hand I already have an existing Rest Service API in my application. So this is the reason why I stared to look around for a SPA framework that fits my needs.

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Single Page Applications – AngularJS vs. Ember.js

I just started to develop my first JavaScript single page application (SPA) and so I took a look on different JavaScript frameworks. I just want to share some of my thoughts here:

My own background is JEE and I have developed a JEE application with EJBs, JSF and a little bit jQuery. Because of the fact that my existing project (imixs-workflow) provides already a REST API, migrating from JSF to a JavaScript SPA looks promising .

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