Eclipse Maven Plugin – Could not handle artifact type Jar Module

When using Eclipse with the integrated Maven Plugin, I am for some time now around with the slightly annoying error message:

Eclipse Maven - Could not handle artifact type [JarModule]

This message appears whenever I update my maven project  in eclipse with the command ‘Maven->Update Project’.

I figured out now, that the reason for this message is a JarModule configuration in the pom.xml file of my EAR project. The Eclipse Maven plugin is simply unable to handle such pom files.

The solution seems to be quite simple: Open the workspace preferences dialog and just disable the option “Maven -> Java EE Integration -> Enable Java EE configuration”.


It is also possible to disable this option not for the complete workspace but for the affected EAR project. In this case you can enable the Project Specific Settings, and disable the ‘Java EE configuration’.


So you can use the Maven Java EE Integration still for other modules (e.g. Web, JPA). I have tested this with the new Eclipse Neon release.

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