Ben.JS becomes more secure

Today I worked on the new release 0.3.0 of Ben.JS. This new release now contains no longer eval() calls. This makes the framework more secure. The old calls were replaced by direct method calls. You can test the new release by downloading the latest version from the Download site.

Another improvement is the possibility to provide a application specific release version to Ben.JS. A release version makes sure, that URIs used  in internal load() events will be extend by the release version as a custom parameter. This avoids the annoying browser caching of html templates when you upgrade your application. You simply can start Ben.JS in your application with a custom version number like this:

var myTemplate = benJS.createTemplate({
    id : "my-template",
    url : "view.html"
var benJS =;
        appVersion : "1.0.0"

A template URI like “view.html” will be extended with the version number to “view.html?appVersion=1.0.0”


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