Debian Jessie – problem with suspend mode after closing laptop lid

With my ultrabook “Wortmann Terra Mobile 1450 II” running on Debian Jessie I have had a problem with the suspend mode. When I close the laptop lid the laptop goes into suspend mode, and after reopening the lid the laptop awakes. But than after some seconds the laptop goes back into suspend mode. That was an annoying problem.

I solved this after reading this stackexchange question. After playing around with some settings is seems that suspend mode is not working correctly with my hardware wen closing/opening the lid. My solution is now to set the machine in hibernate mode instead of suspend mode. This can be done by setting the following flag in the ‘/etc/systemd/logind.conf’ file.


It takes now some seconds until the ultrabook is in hibernate mode and it needs a complete boot when opening the lid, but thanks to the SSD hard-disk this is quite fast.

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