How to use as Static Proxy is a very cool open source project, providing a powerful reverse proxy. The project is focusing mainly on container based architectures like Docker Swarm. In such an environment is able to recognize new containers in a network and dynamically computes the route from the frontend to the corresponding backend service. I wrote about this functionality in combination with docker swarm already in my blog: Lightweight Docker Swarm Environment. This concept is also part of the Imixs-Workflow project.

But what if you just want to add a kind of static route, which has nothing to do with container based services. I had this situation as I wanted to redirect incoming requests for a specific host name to an external server – outside of my docker swarm.

To realize this, you can add a front-end rule under the section [file] at the end of your traefik.toml file. This is an example how such a rule can looks like:



   url = ""
   # note that you cannot add path in 'url' field
  entryPoints = ["http"]
  backend = "backend1"
  passHostHeader = true
    rule = ""

This rule proxies requests for “” to the host “”. See also the discussion here.

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