WWW Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Launches a Project to Save the Internet

The WWW Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Launches a new  open platform called “Solid”. With Solid, users can share their data with others without having to surrender their sovereignty to a group. Users should be able to decide for themselves who can access the data and which apps will be used.

To solve the problem of how to control personal data, in Solid all data is stored in a so called Solid POD. This Solid POD can be in your house or workplace, or with an online Solid POD provider of your choice. Since you control your server you own your data. You’re free to move it at any time, without interruption of service.

In my opinion, this is the only sensible solution to return data control back to the user. I hope this project gets enough attention. Your data is too serious to ignore.

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