My Git – Cheat Sheet

This is just a short collection of Git commands and tricks which I personally did not always remember.

Create a new Tag

To create and push a new tag:

1.) List current tags

$ git tag

2.) Create a new Tag

$ git tag -a <TAG-VERSION> -m "next release" 

3.) Push tag

By default, the git push command doesn’t transfer tags to remote servers. You will have to explicitly push tags to a shared server after you have created them.

$ git push origin <TAG-VERSION>

Merge a Branch

Merge another branch into the current (e.g. into the master branch)

List all the branches in your local Git repository using the git branch command:

$ git branch

The output shows all branches and marks the current branch with an *.

Ensure you are on the branch you want to merge into. To switch to the master branch:

$ git checkout master

Now you can start merging. Since merging is a type of commit, it also requires a commit message.

$ git merge -m "Your merge commit message" [source_branch]

Check the result in your current file tree.

Finally push your changes:

$ git push origin

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