My Git – Cheat Sheet

This is just a short collection of Git commands and tricks which I personally did not always remember.

Create a new Tag

To create and push a new tag:

1.) List current tags

$ git tag

2.) Create a new Tag

$ git tag -a <TAG-VERSION> -m "next release" 

3.) Push tag

By default, the git push command doesn’t transfer tags to remote servers. You will have to explicitly push tags to a shared server after you have created them.

$ git push origin <TAG-VERSION>

Merge a Branch

Merge another branch into the current (e.g. into the master branch)

List all the branches in your local Git repository using the git branch command:

$ git branch

The output shows all branches and marks the current branch with an *.

Ensure you are on the branch you want to merge into. To switch to the master branch:

$ git checkout master

Now you can start merging. Since merging is a type of commit, it also requires a commit message.

$ git merge -m "Your merge commit message" [source_branch]

Check the result in your current file tree.

Finally push your changes:

$ git push origin

How to resolve Merge Conflicts

Sometime you may forget to pull before you start working on something. Later you can not push your commit directly if a colleague has worked on some other artifacts. In this case you need to ‘stage’ your local changes first, pull the changes from your colleague and than you can push your own changes back into the remote repo:

# Stage all local changes 
git add .
git commit -am "commit message"
# Pull all changes from colleague and rebase your last commit on top of the upstream 
git pull origin --rebase
# Push all together back into the remote repo
git push

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