Debug an application in WildFly with Eclipse

You can debug a deployed applications running in WildFly with the Eclipse Debugging feature.

First you need to start WildFly in debug mode with the following command: --debug --server-config=standalone.xml

Now WildFly starts in the debug mode and listens to the port 8787.

To enable debugging in your Eclipse IDE you now can add a new Debug Configuration:


This will connect Eclipse to the WildFly Debug port.

Connection refused!

It may happen that – even if you have started glassfish in debug mode and configured all well – you got the following eclipse error message:

Failed to connect to remote VM. Connection refused.


In this case – it maybe can help if you add a project to the debug configuration. In the screen example above I have let the field ‘Project’ empty. It may help in some cases that you select a project there

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