Don’t Miss Eclipse Photon Update 2018-12 for Linux!

Eclipse Photon, which was released 2018, provides a much better support for GTK on the Linux platform. This was one of the big features for Linux users and there was a lot of news about this feature in the summer 2018. We from Imixs-Workflow use Eclipse on Linux from the first days. Our BPMN modeling tool Imixs-BPMN is based on Eclipse and the Graphiti library, which is a graphical modeling framework within Eclipse. Before Eclipse Photon was released it was nearly impossible to run Eclipse in GTK-2 mode. But with Eclipse Photon this mode becomes deprecated and modeling works now also nice in GTK-3 default mode.

But it still was a little bit stuttering if you tried to model large diagrams:

A little bit frustrated about that still bad behavior I installed today the Eclipse Photon Update 2018-12. (eclipse-jee-2018-12-R-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz).

I didn’t expect any difference from my current Eclipse Photon installation which was already up-to-date. But the difference was so extremely surprising that I didn’t want to believe my eyes. The entire workspace is much faster and working with large models is now possible without delay and stuttering.

So do not miss the Eclipse Photon Update 2018-12R if you are working on Linux!

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