Build Your Own Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes is definitely the most widely used solution when it comes to container platforms. Everyone knows it by now and it is not only used successfully in large projects. But I think it is also true that many projects do not run Kubernetes themselves but use one of the major platform operators. But why is it like that? It is not always a good idea to give up control. And certainly not when it comes to your own data.

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Traefik v2.2 and Kubernetes Ingress

Since Version 2 Traefik supports Kubernetes Ingress and acts as a Kubernetes Ingress controller. This is an alternative to the Traefik specific ingressRoute objects. With v2.2. you can now use plain Kubernetes Ingress Objects together with annotations. Of course you can still use IngressRoute objects if you need them for specific requirements.

I tested this feature within Kubernetes 1.17.3. In this blog post I want to point out the important parts of the configuration. Please note that I provide a details setup for Traefik running within a self managed Kubernetes cluster in my open source project Imixs-Cloud.

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